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bret: the associated press is reporting that the aarp will endorse the healthcare reform bill proposed by house democrats, which is expected to go to the floor soon. correspondent james rosen reports that while democrats have reap to smile today -- while democrats have reason to smile today, there is one nagging issue unresolved. >> house speaker nancy pelosi argued wednesday that the democrats' sick tries in two special house races tuesday night will provide needed reinforcement in the all-out battle over the obama administration's top legislative priority. >> this is a victory for the healthcare reform and other initiatives for the american people. from our standpoint, we picked up votes last night, one in california and one in new york. >> house republican leaders took a different view. >> i would just say to my democratic friends across the aisle, they ought to take note of these elections.
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the american people are not going to take to the negative kind of politics they're trying to practice here. >> just before 10:30 tuesday night, democrats posted 42 pages of final tweets to their already 2,000 page healthcare bill but the amendment made no mention of abortion, and thus contrary to tuesday's claims by a key committee chairman -- >> the abortion issue is one where we resolved the concerns. >> wednesday found an influential pro-life democrat still arguing that the bill does not go far enough to ensure as federal law requires that federal funds be kept separate from abortion funding. "i am disappointed," bart stupak told fox news in a statement "that the manager's amendment does nothing to change let alone improve the inadequate language or federal funding for abortion currently in the healthcare bill. i will continue to oppose and will continue whipping my colleagues to oppose bringing the bill to the floor for a vote until there is satisfactory language to prevent public funding for
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abortion." members of the congressional black caucus pressed speaker pelosi not to further tailor the bill to suit the party's pro-live wing. >> there is the money for federal abortions, federal money for abortion services in the healthcare reform bill. >> still, steny hoyer has kept the bill on track for a possible saturday vote. in the senate, where democratic leaders tacitly acknowledged tuesday they will miss the year end dead deadline for health healthcare reform that president obama set three weeks ago, the top democrat was of a mind to find fault elsewhere. >> we're wasting american taxpayers' time. the american peoples' time. yesterday was no different. >> late tonight, new numbers from the congressional budget office, $210 billion over ten years for the so-called "doctor fix," a totally separate measure that would shield medicare doctors from steep cuts in rates of reimbursement. either way, bret, we're still
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looking at at a federal increase for the federal deficit. bret: we'll dig into that in the on-line show. thanks. private company data indicates that the u.s. service sector grew for a second straight month in october but at a a low slower month than the previous month and private companies reduced jobs to a slower pace in more than a year, shedding 203,000 positions. stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 3o s&p 500 add just over a point. nasdaq was down 1 3/4. the treasury department expects the national debt to hit its legal limit of 12.1 trillion in december. the original prediction had said october. congress is working on legislation to increase the limit to avoid an unprecedented zee fault on the nation's debt obligations. toyota has been given a verbal spanking by the federal government on the way it handled the aftermath of a deadly accident. good evening, brie archlts
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>> hey, bret. the nt-sb said it was inaccurate and misleading information issued by the japanese automaker having to do with the recent recall of 3.8 million toyota and lexus vehicles because improperly sized floormats were sometimes causing the accelerator pedal to become stuck in the fully floored position. it could lead to high vehicle speeds and cause deadly car crashes. the mat problem is suspected to contributing to more than 100 crashes, including a fatal crash involving an off-duty highway patrolman and his family. four people died in that crash. earlier this week, toyota issued a press release stating "no defect exists in vehicles in which the driver's floormat is compatible with the vehicle and properly secured." not so says ntsa, saying this matter is not closed until toy toyota provides a suitable
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solution." the agency still suggests that until that occurs, it is better to remove the driver's side mat, something it describes as an interim solution. late today, a toyota spokesman said the company had not intended to mislead or provide inaccurate information. ntsa is also mulling over another toyota recall of early tundra trucks for excessively rusting frames. bret. bret: brian, we will follow this one. thank you. we will talk about one lesson learned from tuesday's elections coming up, and we will learn why one republican who supports a key administration initiative is having second the sixties were all about freedom. ♪ and now in my sixties, they are again. grandpa, are we there yet? i have the freedom to do what i want... and go where i want. grandpa, come on! freedom is what i like about my medicare supplement insurance. i can see the doctor i want, where i want, anywhere in the country. now your sixties can be a time of freedom again... with aarp medicare supplement insurance plans...
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>> in world news, israeli commandos today seize add ship carrying hundreds of tons of
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weapons. israeli officials say they were loaded from a port in iran and headed for hezbollah guerillas. some rockets, grenades and other devices were disguised as construction equipment in crates. iran denies it is shipping weapons. iranian security forces beat back anti-government protestors today in tehran. the demonstrations came on the sidelines of a state-sanctioned rally marking the 30th anniversary of the takeover of the u.s. embassy. that incident led to the breakup of diplomatic relations between the two countries. secretary of state hillary clinton made a quick stop in egypt today to meet with president hosni mubarak today. she is trying to ease arab concerns over are her statement about israeli settlements in the palestinian areas, while originally praising israel's offer to scale back but not stop construction, clinton now says the settlements illegitimate and must be halted forever. in afghanistan, former presidential candidate abdullah abdullah says he will not join the government of
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re-elected leader president karzai saying he will not be able to rein in corruption there. medical teams evacuated six brittish soldiers and two afghan policemen injured in an attack that left five brittish troops dead. someone in an afghan police uniform opened fire from the roof of a police checkpoint before escaping. one of the republicans who has supported president obama's intention to close the guantanomo bay detention facility is now highly critical of the administration. national correspondent catherine herridge is here with that story. >> thanks, bret. some of the 9/11 conspirators may go to federal cost and senator lindsay gam's criticism is blunt. >> the president, quite frankly, screwed this up. he announces on the first day of his being inaugurated he is going to close guantanomo bay and he didn't do the hard stuff. i have been talking with him for months about this is -- you got to think this thing through. >> in 12 days, the administration is promising a decision on where the
4:25 am
self-described architect of 9/11, khalid sheik mohammed and his four co-conspirators will be tried. graham is proposing an amendment to keep the men out of federal court because he says criminalizing 9/11 will make the country less safe. a similar warn something sounded by former attorney general michael mccause mukasey. he says we got the murder of 3,000 innocents. >> i think there is a war in the white house about what to do. i want to hear the secretary of defense tell the nation that the mastermind should go to federal civilian court and be given the same constitutionallites as any common criminal or any american citizen. >> when asked about his position, secretary gates offered this response -- >> we are very much in the midst of this discussion, hoping to come to a conclusion to it shortly, and it is not
4:26 am
helpful to the process for the attorney general and secretary of defense to limit our options there. awhile not responding directly to the criticism, a white house aide says progress is being made. the aide also suggested their work is handicapped by chaotic records left by the previous administration. bret. bret: that's a new one. catherine, thank you. capitol hill police say there will be no pigging out here in washington. there is apparently plenty of fat in the administration's estimate of jobs saved or created by thexxxxxxxx÷r
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clean made easy! >> and now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the obama administration has overstated thousands of jobs it claims were saved or created by the $787 billion stimulus bill. accounts from the associated press, wall street journal and u.s.a. today give examples of questionable job figures. the journal estimates at least 20,000 of the 640,000 jobs the administration claimed to have saved or created do not exist. u.s.a. today reports that a texas public housing authority manager told the government he had hired six people with the 26,000 dollars in stimulus aide he was given. the government then told him that was not correct. when he reported the total hours worked, 450, that figure ended up in the jobs created
4:31 am
column. a.p. says 9,500 jobs claimed by the health and human services department weren't saved at all but included when existing employees were given pay raises and benefits. h.h.s. spokesman defended the practice saying, quote "if i give you a raise, it is going to save a portion of your job." many head start preschool programs also counted workers who got raises as jobbed saved. an administration spokesman says the problem with the head start numbers probably would be balanced out by other errors that underreport jobs. the capitol hill police have told the animal rights group people for the ethical treatment of animals, peeflts that, that its plans to bring live pigs, gallons of manure and swine urine to the capitol stinks. the hill newspaper reports capitol police have rejected peta's request citing health concerns. police say they welcome future demonstrations, quote, absent the inclusion of swine waste and live swine.
4:32 am
we told you last week about the house of representatives taking time to honor the 2, 2,560th anniversary of the birth of confucious. arizona republican congressman jeff blake also took a moment to offer his own philosophy explaining why he voted against the house resolution saying "he who spends time passing trivial legislation may find himself out of time to read healthcare bill." our top story at the bottom of the hour, republicans won two governors' chairs and democrats won two house seats in tuesday's voting. one of the lessons learned is that president obama's political coattails may not be very long. jim angle reports that could lead to more in-fighting among democrats. fox news exit polls made clear last night's elections with not a referendum on president obama himself, but many believe the results do send a message to moderate
4:33 am
democrats in congress that there is no downside to resisting the administration when they see its proposals as too liberal. >> i don't think it is so much of a referendum on the president. it certainly is, i think, a checkpoint on the policy. >> mr. obama campaigned several times with new jersey governor jon corzine and corzine's loss to chris christie tells centrist democrats she they have nothing to fear by going along with mr. obama or nancy speak pelosi no matter how much pressure is put on them. >> it is personal differences among democrats t depends on where you are coming from. this is driven a lot by the region, the district you represent. >> lawmakers from moderate or centrist constituencies who worry more about the folks back home than party leaders are a constant headache for both the liberal base in the democratic party and the
4:34 am
conservative base among republicans but one strat gist says complaining about moderates is is fruitless. >> that's criticizing the weather. independents, the sort of swing voters in american politics have always been there, and they will always be there. they bedevil partisans on either side who would have this comfortably thought out among partisans only. >> the members feel they know what is right and consider moderates as traitors or obstacles to progress. tim pawlenti criticized maine's republican senator olympia snowe for working with democrats on healthcare saying many conservatives were mad at her and warning she might face a backlash from conservatives if she continued to stray. she responded by warning that litmus test will only guarantee republicans remain in the minority, and that's the conundrum. neither party can become the majority unless it recruits moderates who can appeal across party lines and win swing districts. once they're in office, they're difficult to control.
4:35 am
>> as you get to a majority, as the republicans did when bush was president, and as democrats are doing now, it is the moderates that often hold up what the true believers in the party want to accomplish. >> last night was no comfort to democratic true believers bought the message to moderates was president obama offers no protection for those asked to take up votes on healthcare or any other issue. that puts a dent in any hopes of party discipline, which democratic leaders will need to pass their agenda. in washington, jim angle, fox news. bret: we will talk about the election results are and what it means for president obama when the fox all-stars join me after the next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free hoveround information kit that includes a video and full color brochure.
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>> the new york 23 race was the one race that was really a microcosm of the national debate. the other races in new jersey and in virginia were really
4:39 am
state races, very much focused on state races and new jersey was focused on governor corzine, but in new york 23, the issues that we're discussing every day in washington were very much on the ballot. >> well, here are the big winners of the races we focused on the most, chris christie in new jersey, bob mcdonnell in virginia and as you hear there, bill owens in new york congressional district 23. how does that translate to the president? here is the latest gallop approval rating polls at 50% approve, 43% disapprove. this is the latest today. what does this election mean for this white house? let's bring in our panel, fred barnes of the weekly standard, mara ooh liasson of national public radio and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. fred, it's not a surprise that the white house wants to hang a hat on new york 23. >> i know, because the democrat won. i have known david axelrod for
4:40 am
a long time. he was a great reporter. he covered city hall for the "chicago tribune." he knows better. now his job is to spin because something quite different happened. charles talked about it is last night and it is that the obama star is expiring of. the margin that he brought to the democratic party and the other candidates is expiring. just think if jon corzine had been elected of governor of new jersey, and he lost by 4 points but if he was elected, david axelrod would claim credit for the president, because the president spent time there. corzine wrapped himself all around the president and it didn't help. cree creigh deeds in virginia did a little bit of that, too. it may have hurt in virginia, which is one of the reasons deeds had an on again/off again relationship with the president. there are a couple of things that happened and one big one, and that is that the republican party turns out to be a competitive party now which we didn't think was true five, six months ago, three
4:41 am
months ago, and why is it? why is the republican party coming back? for one reason. they have attracted independents and suburban voters. those are the ones who had been drifting away in the last couple of elections. there are tens of millions of them. republicans won them overwhelmingly in new jersey and virginia. if they can hold on to them, republicans, independents plus the tea party people who, i think, voted for the wren cans in virginia anyway, it's a majority coalition and there is a lot of internal tensions but you can see the outlines thafer coalition. bret: mara, the independent number in new jersey was 58% and 63% for the republicans in virginia. that is the number that the white house has to be looking at. >> this is a big change. there is no doubt that these races can be overanalyzed but there is so much in these races, lessons for both parties. barack obama's coalition was built on independence plus all these new voters he brought in like african-americans and
4:42 am
younger voters. those voters, the african-americans and younger voters didn't turn out but independent voters broke the other way. for the last two election cycles they have been acting like democrats. this time they acted like republicans. that has to worry the white house. they have to think about what will they do to get them back in 2010 and again in 201 2. i think of the two governors' races, new jersey probably had the least to do with president obama. it was really all about corzine, but virginia, i think, is a real model for republicans as they look forward to how to win statewide races in swing states. bob mc0 doneel is a committed social conservative. he ran with a moderate style. he was very mainstream. he talked about transportation jobs in education, all things that suburban voters in virginia care about and he kept his base and he reached out. that is almost the exact mirror that democrats have used in the past.
4:43 am
bret: the people said in the exit polls that president obama didn't factor into their vote directly. however, for conservative moderate democrats in the house who look to the election next year, how does this election translate for them? >> it scares the hell out of them, because if you are a conservative democrat and you see the great swing between '0 8 and '09, you know this idea that you can ride the coattails of obama, there is a great realignment last year is false, and they are now extremely exposed. there was, for example, in virginia, the second most issue that was important was healthcare. now, you didn't have a debate about state healthcare. it was about national healthcare, because virginia is in the d.c. media market, so all this debate spills over. about a quarter of the electorate had it as the most important issue, so it clearly affected this election. it was, in many ways, a national election.
4:44 am
in the end, i think what happened yesterday is that it completely demolished the myth about the meaning of the '08 election. it had been read endlessly by the mainstream, the media and democrats as a great realignment, all these constituencies that mara had talked about. the republicans were going to become a rum rp party of the deep south of angry white men, and now we see that the youth vote was cut in half this time as compared to '08, and virginia declining the african-american vote by about a fifth and as we heard, independents, a huge swing. obama had gotten a slight edge of virginia independents. we estimate it was about a 30-point swing in favor of republicans, so all these elements of the great new constituency and the new f.d.r.-like coalition disappeared which means that '08 was not a trend. it was not a new era.
4:45 am
it was a one-shot, one-off election where all the stars were aligned in the democratic favor, and you had a charismatic candidate and the first african-american who ascended to the presidency. '08 was anomaly. '09 is the norm. bret: in the 49 states that mccain carried those congress men or women, but they have to be scared a threw are three freshmen, one in northern virginia and one around myrtle beach, whose districts were won overwhelmingly by bob mcdonnell, the republican, and he ran -- he may not have run on social issues but he did run on conservative economic issues, on transportation and
4:46 am
taxes and spending. it's very easy -- president obama knows how he can win back independents. it's very simple. all he has to do is change his policies completely on spending, on the deficit, on taxes, and on healthcare. it's a simple solution. bret: iran stalls the u.n. nuclear fuel and allegedly tried to ship weapons and missiles to hezbollah terrorists. we will talk about what is going on with iran when we come back. ññ#ñ#ñ#ñ#ññññññ
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>> at night we captured a ship smuggling arms on the way to the terrorism scene in the north. iran, through its mess enengineers, hezbollah and hamas and the other terror organizations are trying to hurt the core of the civilian population in israel. bret: israel's defense minister talking about 500 tons of weapons, according to the israeli military, are ten times the largest seizure in the past, discovered by the israeli navy including rockets, 107-millimeter rockets, bullets, hand grenades, artillery shells and mortars. israeli commandos stormed the ship 100 miles off the coast in the mediterranean sea. these containers all clearly were marked iran shipping lanes group. the cargo certificate shows the load originating in iran. israel says the weapons were intended to be offloaded in
4:51 am
syria, ultimately given to hezbollah gill laz. iran is denying it shipped the weapon. we are back with the panel. what about the latest with iran? >> it looks like our smart diplomacy with iran is working. they cracked down on dissidents. thir supreme leader particularly insulted us in a speech yesterday. they dither with us and insult us by e jengtsing our offers of uranium enrichment in our negotiations and now we discover that, as you say, unbelievably large shipments of weapons intended for hezbollah. everybody understands what hezbollah and hamas are about. they are intent, self declared, on destroying israel, and never accepting a setelment of any kind, so this is about war, war making, the proxies of iran, ultimately these weapons are to attack israeli cities and kill as much as possible, and the israelis have demonstrated
4:52 am
this in the capture, hoping the world will do something, but of course, it will do nothing. tomorrow at the united nations, the gold stone report condemning israel's defensive action in gaza earlier this year is going to essentially outlaw israel's self-defense against terror attack. that is how the world will respond, and america now is engaged in useless negotiations over settlement freezes which are entirely irrelevant regarding this issue of iran, hezbollah or hamas. bret: mara, again today we had demonstrations and protests in tehran that were put down by the regime. the administration, the u.s. administration in david axelrod said the administration is not naive about what we're dealing with here but says there is a united international community putting pressure on iran. what about that? >> the white house hopes there will be an international community putting pressure on. barack obama was clear.
4:53 am
he said he wanted to try negotiations. if they didn't work, his patience wouldn't last forever. he was hoping by making the extra effort he would convince the europeans and russians and chinese to come onboard with tough sanctions that is supposed to be plan b. so far he hasn't gotten any agreement from the russians to do that, and we have even seen this extraordinary speck tackle that inside of iran, the opposition that we are rooting for, sometimes not loudly enough, are actually putting pressure on ahmadinejad not to agree with the international community on nuclear weapons t seems like that is the one thing all political spectrums can agree on in iran that they want weapons. bret: they were going to ship nuclear missiles out to russia and france. now they're not going to do it. >> they were going to do it over long periods of time, which is a delaying tactic.
4:54 am
bret: they are still enriching uranium. >> of course they are. what they have succeeded in doing is setting their enrichment aside and we're talking about these side issues. are we going to go in and inspect this plant that's not finished yet? what about sending uranium to russia and so son? these are side issues that really don't matter. on the engagement policy, what are the two countries in the middle east that the engagement policy of president obama was most aimed at that he would talk to them and his administration would be respectful and conciliatory and non-threatening, and those countries are rir ran and syria, the two countries involved here. it is so obvious, as charles suggested -- well, he did more than suggest -- that that policy is absolutely not working. we see all the things that both of those countries are doing, and there was another one that you didn't mention, charles. look, if the iranians were warming up to the conciliatory
4:55 am
approach of president obama, would they be having a huge celebration of the takeover of the american embassy in tehran 30 years ago? that's what they were doing today. there is good footage of that on your show. that's what is going on. here's my fear, and it's about the engagement policies, that it is not a means to achieve something. it is an end in itself, and so we will just have engagement forever and ever regardless if it achieves anything. >> the iranians are rin terp pretting it correctly as a a sign of utter weakness and the world is take note. >> at some point in fairly short order, the iranians will have a nuclear weapon. >> that is it for the panel. stay tune for the name game. stay tune for the name game. . upbeat rock ♪ singer:wanted to get myself a new cell phone ♪
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♪ so i could hear myself as a ringtone ♪ ♪ who knew the store would go and check my credit score ♪ ♪ now all they let me have is this dinosaur ♪ ♪ hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage. bret: sometimes, it's tough to get the pronunciation right.
4:59 am
we've read a lot of big names on this show, forenames. when the new york city marathon ended, that was a real problem. >> on behalf of my fellow americans, i would like to congratulate na-meb-a little help, please? >> [trying to pronounce name] >> [trying to pronounce name] >> tough name for americans. >> let's go with brian larsen. way to go. bret: if only i could do that. thank you. fair, yanks

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